Nathaniel Tomlinson
Author behind the Bike Shed Bully Hunters series. Photographer, filmmaker and screenwriter.
Inspiring Imaginative Ideas

In association with his publishing company, Coterie Publishing, has founded a workshop that intends to inspire children to fall in love with all aspects of story telling! 'Up Level Writing’ teaches children the skills they need to take their writing to the next level.

I have never seen the pupils more engaged or enthusiastic about creating their own writing pieces. The pupils were extremely engaged throughout. The workshop was effective; allowing students a bit more freedom and flexibility with their writing.

I would definitely recommend the workshop to other schools, especially to schools with engaging reluctant writers. Equally however, the workshop would also benefit able writers; it gives them some insight from an author’s perspective.”

Shabana Kazi – Curriculum Leader at Alec Reed Academy, Northolt

Nathaniel Tomlinson's workshop at Alec Reed Academy

Children will learn how to use language to create expansive settings, interesting characters and multi-faceted descriptions. The sessions will help make their writing a pleasure to read.

"Nathaniel Tomlinson inspired and motivated our KS2 boy writers – ranging from our most able to our most reluctant (boy) writers. Pupils loved attending the sessions (working with a real published author!) and writing outcomes were imaginative and well structured. I highly recommend Nathaniel’s workshops for primary pupils."

Margaret Kolanoska - Head Teacher of St Gregory's Primary School, Ealing

Nathaniel Tomlinson's workshop at St Gregory's Primary School

If your school is interested in having Nathaniel Tomlinson and Up Level Writing visit your school, be sure to contact him at

“Nathaniel Tomlinson spent a day at Rivers Academy delivering talks and writing
workshops to a wide range of secondary school year groups. He is a dream come true when it comes to promoting reading for pleasure to anyone really: a true inspiration and someone the students related to. Nathaniel’s great ability to connect and engage with children of all ages and abilities made the activities personal and fun. He was completely in tune with his audience.
Everyone (including the teachers) had such a fantastic day. I warmly and highly recommend Nathaniel’s talks and writing workshops to students of all ages.”

Åsa Nylinder – Librarian Rivers Academy, Feltham

Nathaniel Tomlinson's workshop at Rivers Academy

“During our Reading Week at Gifford, we had the pleasure of having Nathaniel Tomlinson come and visit our school. He delivered workshops with the pupils in Y4, Y5 and Y6. After the workshops some of the children stated ‘It was great to learn about how he creates his ideas’; ‘I really enjoyed working with a real author’ and ‘One day I want to be an author!’ The children were really excited to meet him and eager to hear about his book series Bike Shed Bully Hunters.”

Geraldine Valentin - Deputy Head of Gifford Primary School, Northolt

Nathaniel Tomlinson's workshop at Gifford Primary School

"Nathaniel is an inspiring author who relates well to children through his relevant stories which are a favourite here at Montpelier. His workshops motivate even the most reluctant writer to believe they can do it and to those who already can, he provides challenge to achieve even more."

Anna Hamilton - Deputy Head Teacher of Montpelier Primary School, Ealing

Nathaniel Tomlinson's workshop at Montpelier Primary School
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