Nathaniel Tomlinson
Author behind the Bike Shed Bully Hunters series. Photographer, filmmaker and screenwriter.
is the author behind the popular Bike Shed Bully Hunters series of young adult novels. He has a passion for telling stories, which he does, not only through his books, but in his photography, short films and scripts.

has only recently shown his hand in writing, but in a short space of time, he has accumulated a large number of fans, praising him for his fun and entertaining style of writing, coupled with his intellectual undertones and stimulating vocabulary.

states that his desire to write books came from his lack of desire to read as a child. He was never able to find books that were aimed at his age group, but used the style and vocabulary of an adult novels. He enjoyed reading books about spies, heroes and bravery, but most of those were intended for adults. therefore decided to create a book that he would have loved to read when he was growing up. This resulted in the creation of the Bike Shed Bully Hunters.

strives to bring his knowledge and experience of writing to as many people as he can, holding workshops in schools, working closely with the next generation of writers. He states that he loves working with children, as they have an innocence and raw talent which only needs the right personĀ  or circumstance to flourish into something spectacular. He wishes to give children opportunities that he was never able to have, enabling them to find success at an early age.

Whilst still working on the Bike Shed Bully Hunters series, has also begun work on another set of stories, one of which he expects to release very soon, and is excitingly set within the same world as the infamous 'Bully Hunters'.
Bike Shed Bully Hunters: The War of The Ties - Part One